Friday, February 21, 2014

Condition with seriousness !

Bache ko chocolate ki
Parents ko  money ki
                                   Codition serious hai !

Dada ko jayedaad ki
Logo ko unki chauthe ki !

                               Codition serious hai !

Brother ko game ki
Sister ko Fame ki
                                    Codition serious hai !

Teacher ko marks ki
Students ko class ki 

                                    Codition serious hai !

Boards me percentage ki (%)
  Uske baad next education ki

                                    Codition serious hai bhau !

Freinds ko daaru ki
 Girl-freind ko shooping ki
                                      Codition serious hai !

Mummy ko shaadi ki
Daddy ko naukri

                                      Codition serious hai !

Wife ko necklace ki
Daadi ko potte ki

                                      Cndition serious hai !

this Bitter non-technical poetic life story Is presented for :   cadbury 5star

Condition Serious Hai! contest.

Thanks For tolerating. ! Love Mahesh & Suresh. They Are the insipiration for this non- technical poem.

Winning - A Habbit OR junction ?

Defining a winning in my word's

You mostly heard about Winner ,winning, looser, loosing !
That something Strange that nobody care about the Secret Of the Winner.
                              We are in a world That Give us pride , live, competent and one winning point  Form Birth - death.

Winning means - Hard-work
Winning means - Dedication
Winning means -  Sacrifice
Winning means -  Goals.

As an Athlete  Winning means to cross the line first ,to break the records , Filled with stamina , hundreds of meter's huddle race. jumping , running , squad, excercise.

As a teacher ( i am probably not one but ) its just mean making winner from A cubicle shape room , and facing the world that "I MADE HIM THE BEST "

As an Artist  its means getting Giving the best presentation , word, art, and believing in yourself to prove that you make It large , getting best response on your Artistian work !

       ( You may be a painter ,actor , model Etc )

                                  In Dictionary its Written :- "The act of a person or thing that wins "                                 

As  scientist may be it means to make a chemical that will  survive to make a human survive !

As I already said
                                      Winning means - Hard-work
                                         Winning means - Dedication
                                             Winning means -  Sacrifice
                                                   Winning means -  Goals.

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