Monday, November 24, 2014

FAT CAT - Possbile the Im-possible

Recently I was looking up on my mails and got a new mail from about the new bursting app in the market name Fat Cat .

The app  was so fantastic that i can't believe it for the first time that you can win international holidays and cash from it , yes you can. they are an open source platform build app that turn you into a happy person just download click and play.

the app is very simple to operate , yeah it's not on official market because google play don't gives permission to this types of app , but still i can assure you its perfectly working and nothing will cause damage to your phone and its Data.

You can download the app by click (download) install it as usual.
here for Apple :- click here
for android :- click here.
sometimes your android phone may need a permission to install apps from outside the android market , To do So follow the steps.

After downloading The app on both Android or IOS You Need to sign-up with you Email and create and account which is i think is pretty much simple .

login to your registered email and confirm your email.

After doing the above The Fun Began . 

Well after coming to this i have a wonderful experience operating the app , the UI (user interface ) of the app is awesome and very impressive. Even pass-code opener looks like a vault opener. Bye the way it is a very easy app and every one can handle it easily but if somebody having problem they already taken care of it :- use Take a tutorial or  customer support service they will reply you at the earliest depends on the working hours.
The easily available application is very interactive and attention seeker , don't you think the same well if not then you must download and understand what really i am talking about.

By big here on this platform Team FAT CAT GAMING means really big that can turn your life ON.

They specially giving their registered user to win international trips and cash prizes but before doing any thing read all the terms and condition carefully.


There is a jackpot worth Rupees 25 lakhs, but you have to earn it , is the brand you select match the six best performing brands from the pre-selected list at the game end the whole money is yours.

Hmmm, getting greedy ha.
There is Two wonderful games out there 

1) lucky Six*
2) Quizplay*

to play both you don't need to do any research just log-in choose your best companies , and there a advantage too because the listed copany is those which you are already familiar with , means no additional research to play. 
And that too make you win prizes like never before , So what you are waiting for get set greedy and play to win more. 

Even Though you and share and earn , remember "sharing is caring " there is a big bite of choclates for everyone who make a successful introduce your friends to The game it will increase you odds of winning .
So bring it on. 

This Post is created as Indiblogger happy hour campaign for fatcatgaming .

*All picture are for demonstration nothing is owned by the blog. 
*Source :- Fat Cat gaming app and web site.( that i already mentioned earlier.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Bhati AXA Super-techie challenge .

Here are some of my ideas to overcome  Bhati AXA  Super-techie challenge .

The financial services landscape is transforming, with a plethora of changes taking place on the regulatory front.The extent of under-penetration in the market is a sore point with the banking and financial services industry, with a large amount of savingsThe under-penetrated market in India, although showcasing huge opportunities for market players to sell their products, places multiple roadblocks to tap into these opportunities up to their optimum potential.

Innovative delivery mechanisms

Alternate delivery systems that involve engaging local social agencies, building strategic partnerships with retailers, using the business facilitator and correspondent or franchisee models promoted by the RBI and establishing branchless operations with relevant infrastructure can be modified to suit industry requirements.

Use of telecom :- 

Either you use call based promotion of can perform sms based its all the same but way of directing it in the right way matter the most. 

Use effective tools and sounds ways to impress large part of the public to attain the peoples communication towards it , make them call you , make them confortable about what you do !
Telecom operators have typically followed the strategy of creating awareness with their multiple promotional campaigns providing information to customers, mostly through TV and radio.

Use the Four points :-
1) accessibility
4)avalabillity .

The power of mobile banking 

the revolution in mobile banking is well-equipped to penetrate rural markets , and bring a large number of people under the umbrella of financial service. As we can see large expansion of mobile users in the time take it as a positive point and let them know the power of it  , they are simply unaware of it.

Customer and business partner engagement: 

Customer Relationship Management technologies With a slew of new fund houses and banks offering new products, there is a greater need now than ever to focus on customer and business partner engagement. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) primarily aids in getting an overall perspective of the customer or partner. It helps in providing differentiated and personalised experiences to the customer or partner based on their profile, income and business group’s and past transactions.
CRM helps in drawing increased revenues from customers as it allows for the utilisation of available customer information to sell product suites across segments. CRM also allows for fund houses to improve business processes and drive efficiency based on customer feedback. This can act as a key to customer retention in light of increased competition. With regard to partners, CRM applications provide lead management support, reporting and a channel to log incidents and provide process tracking support.

Leveraging analytics to up-sell and cross-sell : 

 The key to growth in the industry is to tailor products to suit customer requirements. Analytics can be leveraged to create differentiation amongst production terms of specialisation, new features and value-additions to focus on different customer segments with different requirements
 Quicker access to information and market intelligence through analytics can be used to gain insights on product positioning, understanding market share and performance as compared to other funds which can help add new distribution channels and drive more business.

*The solution provided above are for campaign purpose only .

Sunday, October 19, 2014

A healthy child makes a happy home.

Like agriculture is the backbone of our country similarly children's are the heart of our house, we can say that nothing is there if no child is there is a home  the home looks empty without our brothers , sisters and siblings. I remember when i was a kid i was not a naughty one i was very shy just opposite to me my elder brother is very criminals minded. ohh yeah , i am serious about it :P :Dwhen it comes to school i go to school, he jump-off from the bike , when it comes to party he party (and i am again sit in the corner ) . and more this our very own big brother is just Like a Saint in the childhood .

My mom always says :- " Sara Din naukranio (maid) ki tarah kaam karvathe rehte hai" "esha laghta ha 3-4 parivaar sambhal rhi hu "
                     Haha really she says it all the times and i am pretty sure you mom also use to say the same.


In  a middle -class family you always has to share things which you don't even want from bed to Computer , Even in the childhood we share Thali's too :P
whatever happens in the life but we are Always a child for our Parents , no matter what there will be nothing around us without them and quiet true that home isn't a home without children's

The room we share will be still and quiet without us, no noise and chaos , no pados wali aunty ka Chilana , no mahuale me shor . no gully cricket no Mazza and i always believe " NO mazza than Sazza (punishment ) " .

Therefore its not just our home, it the whole planet we live in this is our home . wihtout children  there will be a Empty Room with vacuum .

Children always looks good in their naughty version, dreaming kids, please listen to them and take care of the Future. 

Image source :-

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Diwali - "Bang bang"

Memories are the best friends in lonely times. there are lot of things to remember like first day in school, your first friend , your first girl/boy friend  , your first broken tooth and  the dream that tooth-fairy will come into your bed-room to grab it.
   Many of use have some bad and some good memories, MY today's blog post  is associate with Big bang diwali where at the end you will get to know why i name it "Big-bang".

3 years ago, on the special occasion of diwali, actually i love diwali very much , crackers in the sky is like the most amazing things in earth , other than that there is lots N lotsof sweets choclates, Pooja festivals , relatives , cousions ( Ahh ! no i don'nt like them 😅 , They are just opposite to me ) , The chaos - which every one makes the the last moment . The hustle -bustle which every lady in the house make upto the family. The sounds which every rocket make. the dance on every "chakri" better known as "Chakra". Every cracker sounds in my ear make me " WOW "

But at the Same Time i am always worried about the Environment issues which our nature is suffering i am a very deep thinker about that , and i truly want all of our deep efforts to save it.
in the Last  years i never bought a cracker to take my stand . And i Know one day people will celebrate diwali with environment not with cracker , because this great occasion is not just about the cracking sound or a competition " who will buy more crackers " its just a occasion of light where we have to celebrate The coming of new Season of winter.

So coming back to my memory it was a very funny accident i met on my Bang-bang wali diwali,
My brother and me are the experts in cracking the cracker but the most idiotic mistake we made is taking a pack of big -bomb packet one hand and some in pockets too and on the other hand i have a fire in my hand. So sadly i was the one who was injured , one the Big- green bomb get ignited without our attention i couldn't see it but my brother saw , and it was too late to tell me the bomb got the BOOM and my full hand was burned , I was halfly deaf at that time that as a pinned noise in my ear , i can't hear anything thing i am unable too see anything somehow i make my self first comfortable with the situation than i saw my hand it was half burned i immediately put it into water whole night next morning when i saw it , its just looks like a jelly.

                                 That was a story of my most wiered and bawkwas Diwali of my life.


Have a Hallux  Diwali this year and think about your safety and environment you live it .

Watch-out the Pepsico #gharwalidiwali special films  And win a chance to send Gift hamper's to your loved once here :-

#Happydiwali #happyDhanteras #GodblessAll.

Thank you for reading.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

I M sorry.

Yes, i am Very sorry for not posting since month , actually i thought to improve my Grammer first ( actually i am still fighting with my grammer )

But i am glad and will blog regularly now.

Hope to see you ( sorry make you read ) my blogpost. 

                                                                                                              and yeah me too is feeling sick of this template. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

My most Favourite Independence-Day Celebration Songs.

As you know today is the most important day in the history of India , well its not just about a  holiday but this is the Day where India attains its independence by following an independent Movement with a large non-violent resistant and civil-disobedience lead By Indian national congress .

On the Occasion i am sharing my 5 most  
 which i like the most , I bet you all Will love to hear that. 

1. The wonderful, composer, Music director and an Oscar winner composed this song with his wonderful song .

                                                      Song - Ye Jo Desh Hai Tera                                                              Film - Swades

Its provides a pleasant feeling About india and Indians. 

2.Well i have not seen the movie , But this song Is in my playlist form more than 6 years , and believe me this is the best to hear.
                   Manoj Kumar Classic. Shaheed a film on India's Legendary Freedom Fighter Bhagat Singh

3 .You should be proud and Feel great after hearing this one :- 

                                             Song name  :Hai Preet Jahan Ki Reet Sada

4. Rang De Basanti - Rang De Basanti  :-  Energising India 

5. This is a Tribute song to Great  Mahatma Gandhi :- 


                 Jagriti - De Di Hamen Azadi..Sabarmati Ke                                                        Sant

 Sources:- google ,youtube and ANd Thanks TO .

Thursday, May 8, 2014

ROOUND 2 ! A Mission for IPL

Round 2 does'nt mean for a wrestling tournament , i mean In my first  post for an IPL incident , How I watched the match that day. And now comes the  second masala Story of my life that i have done to watch Ipl match.

YOu know I am a IPl fanatic. SO in a middle class family there is only One T.v in the Living Room. (you know that also) ,SO now i have to Encounter a Prank with My MOM  , yeah i say my mom what !!

In todays time Serials are a big , That big SAAS-BAhus serial. i hate it . they paly the whole Story in a suspence without any in it. :P yeah all are the same just you have to look for them , any ways come back to the topic, When the clock sturck at 6 p.m the T.v Is not switched ON because  its alreayd ON as i am watching the match , and my mom came and says change The channel to S***r P**s .
And The fight began half of the match Goes on fighting .
                                                                                   I lost , nobody can win against his MOM/Wife/sister/Girl-friend and Bharwali !  SO i decided to lets let mom watch T.v and

    That's not All.

I decided To watch than i have to watch , i ran to the Top of my house , searched for the Dish anteana , actually i know where it is located but there are 4 hanging on the edge of my house so, i have to find which is mine. after finding the right one just one thing remaining is put a cloth over it and ran from there because i know my mom will came there in just some minutes after a serious mistake i left the peace of cloth on it ( yes i am idiot) my mom came and take it off from their. yeah that so easy na. so i think it's not working , Than a new plan and a simple one came to my mind i jump from the top to bottom and cut the light off ( yeah it's as simple as that ) .

My mom came out searches what happen's after sometime she went to her Room and Start doing something else. i know its Rude But this is D KIDDA OS CRICKET.


Image taken as source from google play
One Of the most Interesting feature i love about is its Live App an app which enables you to connect with every sports schedule , live matches,scores ETC. Its gives Awesome HD Video output in the mobile App YOu can get it from here app. just click the link and downlaod it from There. 

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P.s : any silly mistake in writting please Ignore, you know how we Indian are, always in a hurry.

Monday, May 5, 2014


When i got to know what cricket means to us I am confused in the begeining, I thought people playing gilli-danda with ball or a normal game with big FAn's . 


And the special part is i just want to be a part of it , In india Every body is a cricketer at their level best - some best are called :- gully cricket, baccha cricket ETC. haha yes their is one called bacha cricket to, Anyways come to the point to play my Role I joined Cricket  in my fantasies - playing IPl, international matches , yeah thats my dreams. :D

its very common now but when we are in late 19's the best part to hear and watch cricket was just a radio and people surrounding it with a cup of tee.


                                                          Hehe you know what i mean  In the 2009 IPl matches my 12th board exams are going still i am on for cricket and watched it Till the end , I sold my Ipod to see my life's First live match at  sharjah kotla stadium ,delhi and the experience was awesome . the feeling , the energy i can'nt imagine the zeal the power appearing their the craziness is started from past.

 COurtsey :-               

I stop Studying for it :-

I dropped , lied ,bunkked  . whatever i can do ! I have to do that ! to watch the match.

Suddenly MY father was in the living room and watching the T.v continously from last Two (2) hours. obviously i got irritated,                         than i called up my neighbour ( at the time of 4-5' O clock my father and neighbour go for a walk outside) and told them UNCLE where are you ? he said WHO ? i said to him ?
                  Ha Vermaji AAJ khumne nhi chal rhe ho kya? ( as i pretend to be my father ) and he said - Ha saab bas apka intezaar kar rahe hai . ( suddenly i thouhgt it's going wrong) and said to him - come to the house and will go than.
The bell rings , "ting-tong" i said -Papa uncle has come , He said - he came to early , WHy ?  I said i dont know ( i mean i know everything ) , haha HE went Up track up his suit , combed his hair's and GET ! SET ! GO.
THis was the first and last time i ditched my FAther To wath IPL Because i can'nt miss CSK VS PUNJAB. i know you too. 



Image taken as source from google play
One Of the most Interesting feature i love about is its Live App an app which enables you to connect with every sports schedule , live matches,scores ETC. Its gives Awesome HD Video output in the mobile App YOu can get it from here app. just click the link and downlaod it from There. 

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Condition with seriousness !

Bache ko chocolate ki
Parents ko  money ki
                                   Codition serious hai !

Dada ko jayedaad ki
Logo ko unki chauthe ki !

                               Codition serious hai !

Brother ko game ki
Sister ko Fame ki
                                    Codition serious hai !

Teacher ko marks ki
Students ko class ki 

                                    Codition serious hai !

Boards me percentage ki (%)
  Uske baad next education ki

                                    Codition serious hai bhau !

Freinds ko daaru ki
 Girl-freind ko shooping ki
                                      Codition serious hai !

Mummy ko shaadi ki
Daddy ko naukri

                                      Codition serious hai !

Wife ko necklace ki
Daadi ko potte ki

                                      Cndition serious hai !

this Bitter non-technical poetic life story Is presented for :   cadbury 5star

Condition Serious Hai! contest.

Thanks For tolerating. ! Love Mahesh & Suresh. They Are the insipiration for this non- technical poem.

Winning - A Habbit OR junction ?

Defining a winning in my word's

You mostly heard about Winner ,winning, looser, loosing !
That something Strange that nobody care about the Secret Of the Winner.
                              We are in a world That Give us pride , live, competent and one winning point  Form Birth - death.

Winning means - Hard-work
Winning means - Dedication
Winning means -  Sacrifice
Winning means -  Goals.

As an Athlete  Winning means to cross the line first ,to break the records , Filled with stamina , hundreds of meter's huddle race. jumping , running , squad, excercise.

As a teacher ( i am probably not one but ) its just mean making winner from A cubicle shape room , and facing the world that "I MADE HIM THE BEST "

As an Artist  its means getting Giving the best presentation , word, art, and believing in yourself to prove that you make It large , getting best response on your Artistian work !

       ( You may be a painter ,actor , model Etc )

                                  In Dictionary its Written :- "The act of a person or thing that wins "                                 

As  scientist may be it means to make a chemical that will  survive to make a human survive !

As I already said
                                      Winning means - Hard-work
                                         Winning means - Dedication
                                             Winning means -  Sacrifice
                                                   Winning means -  Goals.

THIS Short post is presented In associated With 

 "WINNING for India Today Conclave 2014 " Contest

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