Sunday, October 19, 2014

A healthy child makes a happy home.

Like agriculture is the backbone of our country similarly children's are the heart of our house, we can say that nothing is there if no child is there is a home  the home looks empty without our brothers , sisters and siblings. I remember when i was a kid i was not a naughty one i was very shy just opposite to me my elder brother is very criminals minded. ohh yeah , i am serious about it :P :Dwhen it comes to school i go to school, he jump-off from the bike , when it comes to party he party (and i am again sit in the corner ) . and more this our very own big brother is just Like a Saint in the childhood .

My mom always says :- " Sara Din naukranio (maid) ki tarah kaam karvathe rehte hai" "esha laghta ha 3-4 parivaar sambhal rhi hu "
                     Haha really she says it all the times and i am pretty sure you mom also use to say the same.


In  a middle -class family you always has to share things which you don't even want from bed to Computer , Even in the childhood we share Thali's too :P
whatever happens in the life but we are Always a child for our Parents , no matter what there will be nothing around us without them and quiet true that home isn't a home without children's

The room we share will be still and quiet without us, no noise and chaos , no pados wali aunty ka Chilana , no mahuale me shor . no gully cricket no Mazza and i always believe " NO mazza than Sazza (punishment ) " .

Therefore its not just our home, it the whole planet we live in this is our home . wihtout children  there will be a Empty Room with vacuum .

Children always looks good in their naughty version, dreaming kids, please listen to them and take care of the Future. 

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Diwali - "Bang bang"

Memories are the best friends in lonely times. there are lot of things to remember like first day in school, your first friend , your first girl/boy friend  , your first broken tooth and  the dream that tooth-fairy will come into your bed-room to grab it.
   Many of use have some bad and some good memories, MY today's blog post  is associate with Big bang diwali where at the end you will get to know why i name it "Big-bang".

3 years ago, on the special occasion of diwali, actually i love diwali very much , crackers in the sky is like the most amazing things in earth , other than that there is lots N lotsof sweets choclates, Pooja festivals , relatives , cousions ( Ahh ! no i don'nt like them 😅 , They are just opposite to me ) , The chaos - which every one makes the the last moment . The hustle -bustle which every lady in the house make upto the family. The sounds which every rocket make. the dance on every "chakri" better known as "Chakra". Every cracker sounds in my ear make me " WOW "

But at the Same Time i am always worried about the Environment issues which our nature is suffering i am a very deep thinker about that , and i truly want all of our deep efforts to save it.
in the Last  years i never bought a cracker to take my stand . And i Know one day people will celebrate diwali with environment not with cracker , because this great occasion is not just about the cracking sound or a competition " who will buy more crackers " its just a occasion of light where we have to celebrate The coming of new Season of winter.

So coming back to my memory it was a very funny accident i met on my Bang-bang wali diwali,
My brother and me are the experts in cracking the cracker but the most idiotic mistake we made is taking a pack of big -bomb packet one hand and some in pockets too and on the other hand i have a fire in my hand. So sadly i was the one who was injured , one the Big- green bomb get ignited without our attention i couldn't see it but my brother saw , and it was too late to tell me the bomb got the BOOM and my full hand was burned , I was halfly deaf at that time that as a pinned noise in my ear , i can't hear anything thing i am unable too see anything somehow i make my self first comfortable with the situation than i saw my hand it was half burned i immediately put it into water whole night next morning when i saw it , its just looks like a jelly.

                                 That was a story of my most wiered and bawkwas Diwali of my life.


Have a Hallux  Diwali this year and think about your safety and environment you live it .

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#Happydiwali #happyDhanteras #GodblessAll.

Thank you for reading.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

I M sorry.

Yes, i am Very sorry for not posting since month , actually i thought to improve my Grammer first ( actually i am still fighting with my grammer )

But i am glad and will blog regularly now.

Hope to see you ( sorry make you read ) my blogpost. 

                                                                                                              and yeah me too is feeling sick of this template.