Monday, November 24, 2014

FAT CAT - Possbile the Im-possible

Recently I was looking up on my mails and got a new mail from about the new bursting app in the market name Fat Cat .

The app  was so fantastic that i can't believe it for the first time that you can win international holidays and cash from it , yes you can. they are an open source platform build app that turn you into a happy person just download click and play.

the app is very simple to operate , yeah it's not on official market because google play don't gives permission to this types of app , but still i can assure you its perfectly working and nothing will cause damage to your phone and its Data.

You can download the app by click (download) install it as usual.
here for Apple :- click here
for android :- click here.
sometimes your android phone may need a permission to install apps from outside the android market , To do So follow the steps.

After downloading The app on both Android or IOS You Need to sign-up with you Email and create and account which is i think is pretty much simple .

login to your registered email and confirm your email.

After doing the above The Fun Began . 

Well after coming to this i have a wonderful experience operating the app , the UI (user interface ) of the app is awesome and very impressive. Even pass-code opener looks like a vault opener. Bye the way it is a very easy app and every one can handle it easily but if somebody having problem they already taken care of it :- use Take a tutorial or  customer support service they will reply you at the earliest depends on the working hours.
The easily available application is very interactive and attention seeker , don't you think the same well if not then you must download and understand what really i am talking about.

By big here on this platform Team FAT CAT GAMING means really big that can turn your life ON.

They specially giving their registered user to win international trips and cash prizes but before doing any thing read all the terms and condition carefully.


There is a jackpot worth Rupees 25 lakhs, but you have to earn it , is the brand you select match the six best performing brands from the pre-selected list at the game end the whole money is yours.

Hmmm, getting greedy ha.
There is Two wonderful games out there 

1) lucky Six*
2) Quizplay*

to play both you don't need to do any research just log-in choose your best companies , and there a advantage too because the listed copany is those which you are already familiar with , means no additional research to play. 
And that too make you win prizes like never before , So what you are waiting for get set greedy and play to win more. 

Even Though you and share and earn , remember "sharing is caring " there is a big bite of choclates for everyone who make a successful introduce your friends to The game it will increase you odds of winning .
So bring it on. 

This Post is created as Indiblogger happy hour campaign for fatcatgaming .

*All picture are for demonstration nothing is owned by the blog. 
*Source :- Fat Cat gaming app and web site.( that i already mentioned earlier.


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