Tuesday, July 9, 2013


SOME TIMES peoples will encourage you and some dis-courage.
but you should not believe in others, 
the moral , studies , independence, heart, feeling, all things you have just because of you.
if you want to learn something than learn from the bigger than and you and if you want to encourage you enthu to high see the stronger side of the society and decide who are you and where are you?

This does not means to ends here.

a kinds of Story i WOuld like to tell you.
you have listened it form your teacher's , grand maa , mom- dad . elder brother , or even in books too.

I TOo leart this Chapter Of my Life From My School TEAchers, and My Grand mAA. the Most Amazing fact is that if you have full ZEAL , honour to participate and win, than no body stands in front of you.
The Better you understand your self the better you understand the world.

After LISTENING the whole story the turtule Wins where as we all know that turtle are too slow BUT still He got First. 

So who stops ou to fly. pick up your bags and jump from the hight you like. yes you can fly !!

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